Property Maintenance and Insurance Works

Emporium Building Group provides a wide range of property maintenance and building repair services in Canberra. As trusted local builders, we also perform insurance work in Canberra on behalf of major insurers. When you engage with Emporium Building Group, you place yourself in safe, experienced and capable hands.

Property Maintenance

Emporium Building Group is a leading provider of property maintenance services in Canberra. We take the time to diagnose and fix building problems properly – ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all occupants. Whether you need to reinforce a balcony, repair a leaking roof or re-stump a house, you can rely on Emporium Building Group to do a professional and cost-effective job.

A feature of our property maintenance service in Canberra is that we repair both residential and commercial buildings. We work collaboratively with owners, tenants, landlords and property managers to achieve high-quality outcomes. Some of the property maintenance services we provide in Canberra are listed below.

  • Major structural repairs (load bearing walls, structural columns and beams)
  • Replacement of water-damaged ceilings
  • Roof restoration, waterproofing and replacement
  • Repair of termite-infested floorboards, walls and house frames
  • Re-stumping of homes and commercial buildings with foundation problems
  • Repair of major wall cracks and uneven floors
  • Guttering and cladding repairs / replacement
  • Skylight repair / replacement
  • Repair of sagging steps, balconies and external decks
  • Reinforcing of brick fences and retaining walls
  • Repair / replacement of crumbling brickwork or stonework
  • Rectification of gaps between floors and walls
  • Replacement of garage doors

Insurance Works

As a local building company that uses only licensed tradespeople, Emporium Building Group is well-qualified to carry out insurance works in Canberra. We work diligently with your insurance company to ensure that your property (residential or commercial) is repaired as quickly as possible – without compromising on safety or quality.

The insurance works we perform in Canberra cover the following types of damage:-.

  • Water damage – due to floods, torrential rain and burst water pipes
  • Fire damage, including bushfires and lightning strikes
  • Vandalism and breakage caused by forced entry
  • Damage caused by storms, strong winds and earthquakes
  • Impact damage caused by motor vehicles and heavy objects
  • Blast damage caused by gas explosions

For further information on our property maintenance services and insurance work in Canberra, please call the friendly and knowledgeable team at Emporium Building Group on 0404 620 678.


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