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Emporium Building Group builds quality inground swimming pools and spas across the Canberra region. Whether you require a concrete or fibreglass shell, Emporium Building Group has you covered for inground swimming pools and spas in Canberra. As reputable pool builders in Canberra, we don’t compromise on quality.

Why choose Emporium for a new swimming pool?

Emporium Building Group provides a customised, end-to-end swimming pool solution in Canberra. We not only design and build fantastic pools in Canberra, but take care of the paving, concreting and fencing (safety barrier) aspects as well. We’ll even organise the building approval (BA) on your behalf.

Inground concrete and fibreglass pools explained

Most inground swimming pools in Canberra are made from either concrete or fibreglass. Both materials have their pros and cons, which we’ll explain below.

Concrete pools

Concrete pools are made from steel-reinforced concrete, and finished with plaster, tile or pebble aggregate. Concrete pools are easier to customise in terms of size, design and shape than fibreglass pools; however, they take longer to build (resulting in greater upfront cost).

Fibreglass pools

Fibreglass pools are made from raw fibreglass, and finished with a gel coating. Fibreglass pools are pre-built and shipped to site. Provided the hole has been dug, fibreglass pools can be installed very quickly (sometimes within days). Obviously, fibreglass pools are less customisable than concrete pools.

Vinyl liner pools

Although vinyl liner pools can be placed in the ground, they’re generally more popular as above-ground pools in Canberra. Emporium Building Group doesn’t supply or install vinyl liner pools in Canberra.

Popular pool designs

Swimming pools, particularly concrete pools, come in many shapes and sizes. At Emporium Building Group, we build and customise a wide range of popular pool designs, including plunge and lap pools. As full-service pool builders in Canberra, we also create amazing water, rock and landscape features.

Traditional pools

Many pool lovers opt for a traditional rectangular or “jelly bean” shaped pool in Canberra. These pools come in a variety of depths, and are often fitted with custom handrails for added safety.

Vanishing edge pools

Vanishing edge pools – also known as infinity pools – provide a pool owner with the “seamless” look, in which the pool edges and surrounding landscape blend together.

Combination pools

Combination pools in Canberra feature a pool and spa. Many people seeking a resort style pool or “tropical paradise” vibe opt for a combination pool.

Plunge pools

Plunge pools are ideal for small blocks or homes with space constraints. Given their relatively small size, plunge pools are great for people or families who just want to cool off quickly.

Lap pools

Lap pools are typically long and narrow – designed for swimming a few laps. Lap pools are often ideal for “unusual” block sizes and shapes.

For further information on inground swimming pools and spas in Canberra, please call the friendly and knowledgeable team at Emporium Building Group on (02) 6169 4012.


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