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Bathroom renovations in Canberra

Emporium Building Group is your local bathroom renovation specialist in the Canberra region. Our dedicated team of tradespeople will transform your “old” bathroom / ensuite into a stylish and functional living space that adds value to your home. At Emporium Building Group, we strive to make bathroom renovations in Canberra as easy and stress-free as possible.

Why choose us for your bathroom renovation?

There are many reasons why you should choose Emporium Building Group for a bathroom renovation in Canberra.

  • We’re a licensed builder that’s fully insured.
  • We strive to use environmentally friendly materials.
  • Our bathroom designs are visually pleasing and functional.
  • We’re a local Canberra business that guarantees its workmanship.
  • We handle all aspects of procurement, including bathroom fittings and fixtures.
  • We manage every bathroom renovation in Canberra from start to finish (our clients deal with a single point of contact).

Bathroom styles explained

Bathrooms come in many different styles – from the traditional to the more eclectic. In Australia, popular bathroom styles include Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary and Modern. These styles (and others) are described below.


Traditional bathrooms are functional, practical and fairly conventional in design. They feature classic colours, neutral tones and traditional materials, such as polished timber, glass and ceramic tiles. It’s fair to say that you can’t go wrong with Traditional bathrooms in Canberra.


Contemporary bathrooms are characterised by straight lines, open spaces and minimal clutter. They often feature polished hardwood, stone benchtops, metal accents and contrasting earthy colours. Contemporary bathrooms are generally easier to clean than more “ornamental” bathrooms.


A Transitional bathroom blends traditional design elements with newer ones. Transitional bathrooms are highly customised and feature materials such as timber, stone, glass, marble, polished concrete, resin and stone composite. Many Transitional bathrooms have mosaic floor tiles and artisan door handles.


Like Contemporary bathrooms, Modern bathrooms feature straight lines and minimal clutter. Modern bathrooms are usually built with premium materials, such as solid timbers, stone, porcelain and marble. It’s not unusual to find “offsetting” patches of colour in a Modern bathroom.


Rustic bathrooms are big on natural timbers and organic finishes. Rustic bathrooms have a rural look and feel to them – they’re typically hardy, well-crafted and simple in design. They may also look “aged” or a little rough around the edges (on purpose).


Beach bathrooms are designed to remind people of the beach and ocean. Beach bathrooms feature colours such as blue, turquoise, aquamarine and sandy brown. In terms of materials, Beach bathrooms have their fair share of timber and tile.

Other well-known bathroom styles include Tropical, Scandinavian, Industrial, Craftsman and Vintage.

For further information on design styles and bathroom renovations in Canberra, please call the friendly team at Emporium Building Group on (02) 6169 4012.



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